Armenian Genocide

Do we learn from history?

The Armenian Genocide and the economic interests behind it

by Sofia

Thinking of components, actors and stages of mass killings, we often think of the perpetrator and the victim in a specific set of time.  However, in big political arenas behind the visible actors there are usually the invisible ones. Their roles in crimes, if unrecognized and unpunished, threatens to prolong the process of remedy, restitution and reconciliation between all actors. One such event in need of re-evaluation of its indirect perpetrators is the crime against minorities in Ottoman Empire at the beginning of 20th century, particularly the case of the Armenian Genocide. Not only is it worth searching further for other actors’ involvement in this process apart from the direct perpetrators, but it is also worth extending the timeframe of the crime to its pre and post execution. Only this would allow assessing the full scale of the tragedy and redefine claims for justice from all involved actors. (more…)