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Global economies shape our cities: is it acceptable?

by Sofia

I was in my teenage years when people around me spoke about globalization and whether we should stand up against it or support it. It was something yet to come, or at least our perception was that it is not yet here, but it is coming, so we should react somehow.

In many ways globalization was an abstract thing. We were often explained that globalization will diminish the role of our culture locally and globally. We were told that globalization will bring new values that are not dear to us. We were even scared by losing our language, as everyone might start speaking one universal language.

Whether we were too young to be exposed to such an analysis, or whether the people who spoke about threats of globalization didn’t analyse it themselves, one aspect of globalization was omitted from these discussions, i.e. economic globalization and its effect on urban transformation.



Creating An Alternative World By Buying Fair Trade

By Theresa

The introductory post on our Alternative World section already recommended buying fair trade products as one of many potential actions for a people-and-planet-friendly lifestyle. In today’s world most of us are consumers – and can take influence by making informed choices about our consumption. This post presents you to the idea of fair trade and tries to share a glimpse of the movement behind it. (more…)