Don’t Frack our Human Rights

by Sofia

In March I used the opportunity to speak at Chamber of Environmental Engineers in Istanbul about shale or natural gas, the method with which it is extracted called hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and how it can impact human rights. This topic has become the focus of environmental engineers in Turkey (and hopefully, it will become central topic for all active people there) because shale gas explorations have started in Turkey in times when there is a global opposition to the method of its extraction. (more…)


Movies that educate: Promised Land

A short subjective review of a good film Promised Land (2012, production by Participant Media and Image Nation Abu Dhabi) 

by Sofia


© IMDb

Sometimes back in 1896 Leo Tolstoy wrote to his acquaintance Aleksandra Kalmikova – a Russian progressive social activist, supporter of women’s education –  that power of the authorities is based on ignorance of people, and the authorities know that and that is why they will always fight against enlightenment.[1]  Knowledge is what should also guide us through this post and thus save us from manipulations.

In 2012 “Promised Land” appeared on screens.  It’s a film about an energy company representative, Steve, arriving in a small American town to persuade the locals to sell their lands and get rich overnight, since they have lots of money hidden under their feet – natural gas. Steve  is quite experienced in these matters, but he makes a flaw right from the start (more…)