TTIP – and Other Mega Trade Deals: What Are We Actually Talking About?

By Theresa

In the debate on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) all sides constantly refer to its consequences: some say there will be economic growth and wealth for both the European Union (EU) and the US which otherwise would not happen. Others warn that free trade would lead to genetically modified food swamping European supermarkets and cheap European tobacco tempting US consumers. But what is the basis of these claims? This post briefly introduces the publicly available sources for information on TTIP I know about. If you know more, please share your knowledge! (more…)


Sofia’s perspective on this blog

The role of international, as well as local companies in environmental degradation in Armenia has been in the center of my attention for some time. Campaigning with other concerned people, as well as writing articles on this issue allowed me to dig deeper into the subject and find out that Armenia is only one of many countries where foreign/local private investments not only bring something positive, like employment, but also something negative, like environmental degradation. Studying at the University of Essex was beneficial in many senses, including for meeting students and professors concerned about the private sector’s role in degradation of environment, labour conditions, property rights. (more…)