Movies that educate: Promised Land

A short subjective review of a good film Promised Land (2012, production by Participant Media and Image Nation Abu Dhabi) 

by Sofia


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Sometimes back in 1896 Leo Tolstoy wrote to his acquaintance Aleksandra Kalmikova – a Russian progressive social activist, supporter of women’s education –  that power of the authorities is based on ignorance of people, and the authorities know that and that is why they will always fight against enlightenment.[1]  Knowledge is what should also guide us through this post and thus save us from manipulations.

In 2012 “Promised Land” appeared on screens.  It’s a film about an energy company representative, Steve, arriving in a small American town to persuade the locals to sell their lands and get rich overnight, since they have lots of money hidden under their feet – natural gas. Steve  is quite experienced in these matters, but he makes a flaw right from the start (more…)