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Check the Noise: Why are Women’s Rights relevant for Business and Human Rights academics and activists?

Trigger Warning – This post covers sexual violence against women

by Theresa

This post is my way of honouring the 8th March 2015 – the anniversary of the United Nations’ “International Women’s Day”. I am going to explain to you why women’s rights matter for everyone interested in Business and Human Rights. In order to give us all some time to celebrate this day, this post is limited to these three objectives:

Firstly, women and other non-male humans (read: everybody who refuses binary gender boxes) play a big role in local and international business – from production to consumption. The psychological and physical mistreatment, abuse and murdering of our fellow humans is not only disgrace, but also has economic costs for societies. From this economic perspective, it is evident: Women’s rights are everyone’s issue – also men’s. Since this is a Business and Human Rights platform, the second objective of my post will be to explain why women’s rights are everyone’s issue from a human rights angle. (more…)