What This Blog Is About

Theresa and Sofia met in 2012 at the University of Essex where Sofia did her MA in Theory and Practice of Human Rights, while Theresa studied the LLM in International Human Rights Law. Thanks to the joint courses organized for both MA and LLM students, Sofia and Theresa first met during the course on European Convention on Human Rights.  Later, their common interest brought them to the Business and Human Rights course. Once they mastered this one-year challenge, they discovered a surprising amount of spare time to get and stay in touch.

In late summer 2014, the idea to start a non-academic blog on Business and Human Rights popped up: a platform for presenting and exchanging ideas and concepts based on the understanding that companies have human rights obligations.

Sofia’s perspective is to use this platform for translating the perplexed corporate and legal wording into common English language for both highlighting the problems in business-human rights relations, as well as for bringing forward solutions (more on Sofia’s perspective). Theresa had just submitted the dissertation for her second LLM, this time in Corporate Governance, and instantly fell for the idea. She thinks that all social and political progress depends on us changing companies into organisations which allow realising human rights (more on Theresa’s perspective).

We launched this blog on 26 January 2015. We chose to call the blog ‘bizolutioners’ because businesses need a revolution to become a solution to the human rights problems they cause. Nowadays that businesses have become much more powerful, often more powerful than the states where they operate, it must be clear that no power or profit comes without responsibilities. Since we are transitioning from old forms of economies and governance, it is time to bring revolutionary solutions to all aspects of life, including doing responsible business. We hope to found a platform for people who want to produce and present revolutionary solutions for human rights problems created by businesses.

Since May 2015, Sofia finished working as a fellow researcher at the Human Rights Law Research Center at Istanbul Bilgi University. She continues doing human rights research. As of 1 September 2015 Theresa works for the German Fair Trade network, Forum Fairer Handel.

How to join this platform

Do you have comments, ideas or suggestions where we could improve? Would you like to present your perspective or your project related to the theme of the blog? Please get in touch with us through the following email address: bizolutioner@gmail.com We will commit ourselves to reply to you within a week.

We are looking forward to hearing from you – and hope you enjoy reading the current posts!

Theresa demonstrating short Sofia


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